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Ludwig absolutely hated grocery shopping with all his heart. It seemed no matter where he went, there was always a line; the store was packed; they were out of his favorite wurst, etc. He was never in a good mood entering, because he soon realized he was never in a good mood exiting.

Sure enough, at this place there was a line. It was bad, much worse than usual. His observant blue eyes trailed to the front, noticing a Spanish cashier. Ludwig had to suppress a groan; Spanish employees were the worst! They were always too friendly; striking up idle conversation and taking forever to do the job they were originally supposed to be doing. He looked left and right, hoping for another line or cashier, but had no such luck.


He sighed, trying hard not to show his outward disapproval. He stood there awkwardly for a few minutes, trying to decide if it was worth waiting in this line. Italy had asked for pasta (a big surprise), and Japan had requested a few items as well. With his own selections, Ludwig decided it would take too much work to put it all back and find another store.

He knew that the Spaniard would make this line even longer, but this wait was ridiculous. What customer could possibly take this long?! A tired looking Greek was conversing with the Spanish; it appeared both had stopped doing their part long ago.

Can this get any worse?

Apparently it could. An Italian had cut in line, whistling loudly and ignoring the obvious complaints from the others in line. The German was quite bothered by it, but not as much as the Austrian in front of him. Ludwig could practically see the steam coming out from his ears, along with the constant, impatient tapping of his foot to the sour expression on his face.

He recognized the Italian as Romano, Italy's bad-tempered brother. The two of them did not get along well at all, usually ending up with Romano in pain or troubled by his own causes and Ludwig embarrassed to be seen around him. Sometimes he could care less, but today just wasn't a good day for him. Perhaps if he remained quiet, this trip could remain uneventful.

"A long line, huh?"

Ludwig turned around, expecting another bothersome person, but instead found a young woman, holding a small basket filled with a few sugary delights. He took this moment to quickly eye her, taking in her features. Though the clothes she wore were not extravagant, she looked lovely in the simplicity. Her [h/c] gave her personality, moving a little out of place every time she shifted her feet. Her bright [e/c] seemed to smile at him as they met his own clear blue ones.

He sighed, running a finger through his neat hair. He didn't want to sound as though he were complaining if he told her that was a complete understatement.

"Hey you! Stop your chatting! We are all trying to get through the line here! Are you listening?! I am talking to you!" The Austrian had apparently snapped, pointing and yelling dramatically to those in the front of the line.

"Calm down; I think long lines are normal in this neighborhood." The Russian in the middle of the line turned around, trying to console the Austrian.

Ludwig smiled at the woman, a stressed, forced smile, but a smile no doubt. "You have no idea."

He quickly returned his attention to the front, curious to see if the Austrian's outburst improved his condition any. Naturally it hadn't; the Greek and Spaniard merely resumed their small-talk. An American near the front began to converse with the Finnish man, laughing loudly and chortling at jokes before the punchline. All of this together was slowly killing him, but the young woman behind him seemed to be delightful company. He learned that she was called [Name], and he replied with his own name. Ludwig attempted to keep the conversation afloat by asking her questions, and answering hers in return.

"So why are you here?" He asked her, eyeing her small basket.

"Me? I was just craving some sweets."

But she's already sweet enough.

She looked at him expectantly, as though waiting for a response for something. He didn't even notice that she had asked him something. Ludwig looked down at her, opening his mouth to ask her, closing it again when he realized he didn't know what to ask.

"Next customer up please~" A pleasant voice broke the conversation they were having. [Name] looked at him, smiling.

"I believe that's you."

"Oh." He quieted, then looked back at her small basket.

I might as well let her go in front of me. It's not like she has much, and I'm already late.

"Go ahead, I don't mind." Ludwig ushered her forward, blushing at her ecstatic face.

What could she possibly be so ecstatic about? It's not like this is a big deal or anything...

"Thank you very much!" [Name] thanked him graciously, bowing her head slightly as she put her measly items near the register.

"Oh, hello~!" The Spaniard at the cashier smiled radiantly at [Name], causing her to smile back. "I know I'm not a grocery item, but I can tell you're checking me out."

[Name] laughed awkwardly, shaking her head and denying said declaration. Ludwig felt himself stiffen at the accusation; there's no way she would ever be interested in an idiot like that! The Spanish man continued working at a snail-like pace, ignoring the awkwardness felt seconds ago and continued the conversation.

After a few agonizing minutes for the German, the Spanish cashier was done, giving [Name] a gracious smile as he handed her the groceries. She stepped forward to allow Ludwig up, then stepping to the side.

Is she...waiting for me?

"I wanna bag you like some groceries."

Both Ludwig and [Name] jumped, the latter whirling around to see the Greek who was originally in the front of the line. It seemed that he hadn't gotten far, standing idly by the door, almost as though he was also waiting for someone. That someone happened to be [Name].

"" She answered uncertainly, shifting her feet as she looked into his dark green eyes. She had no idea what he could possibly be thinking; this man had one of the best poker faces she had ever seen.

Ludwig turned back to the cashier, praying and almost begging that he would be done checking out so the German could assist [Name]; she had still stuck around waiting for him, but a few more minutes might change that.

"Will you please hurry up?" He growled at the Spaniard, who held his hands up defensively.

"Calm down, mi amigo~ Why don't you enjoy the lovely day we're having, the lovely weather, the lovely..." At this point Ludwig had drowned him out completely, returning his attention to [Name].

After a few more infuriating minutes, the German paid and was a free man; ready to leave this forsaken place called a store. It appeared that the Greek had lost interest in [Name] and left, leaving her by the door alone as she waited for him. She had opened up some of her chocolate, nibbling on a little piece as he approached her. Sad as it was, he couldn't pull his eyes away from her mouth.

Ludwig remembered something about pickup lines; perhaps he could use one of them. Nothing gaudy like the Spaniard and Greek had used, something more sophisticated. Unfortunately, nothing was coming to his mind as the two began to walk out of the store and into the nice warm air. [Name] was looking up at his face, watching him repeatedly open his mouth, stare at her, blush, and close his mouth again. She smiled at him, hoping to reassure him of whatever he was trying to say.

"W-Would you like to go get some coffee?" The German stuttered, his face turning red. She had been waiting for him all that time; he had to do something, but that wasn't smooth at all! Italy was always telling him how he attracted the ladies, but quite frankly Ludwig could care less. Now he wished he had payed more attention to the overactive Italian.

"I'd like that." [Name] smiled and nodded as they walked over to the nearest coffee shop.

You're so beautiful you made me forget my pickup line....
Because Ludwig is so perf and smooth :icongermanyispleasedplz: Inspired by the German Simulation Episode. Gosh darn those long grocery lines. :iconchibigermanyplz:

Story (c) :iconeverybodyswishes:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Picture (c) [link]

You (c) :icongermanysparklesplz:

Others in the series!

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