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March 29, 2013
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"You didn't." Violet eyes looked disdainfully at the Dane before him, glaring at the pitiful mess he had become. Of all things to do on Christmas Eve, of all days!

"I didn't." Mathias repeated, looking lazily up at the voice. Gosh, why did Norge have to be so loud? He still didn't know what he did (or didn't) do. Why did Norge have to be so confusing? His head hurt too much.

"You. Spiked. The. Eggnog." Norway practically spat out every word. Who spikes eggnogg!? The practice was apparently more common then he had realized, but still- why must that stupid Dane ruin every day with alcohol?

[Name] was here today too, making Norway more tense than usual. He didn't want to scare her away, especially not on such a festive holiday.

"Oh....that." Denmark replied lamely, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. Earlier today, Finland had set out a bowl of treats for them to snack on later, eggnog included. Mathias was thinking...well, some of us Nordics have been a little too uptight lately (mainly Norway and Sweden), and by adding just a little tiny bit of alcohol to the sweet beverage, maybe they'd loosen up a bit. Besides, [Name] was coming over! It was gonna be a party!

"Shut it." Lukas attempted to grab Mathias' tie, but was soon stopped by a blushing Finland.

" fighting on Christmas Eve!" He smiled distantly, as though looking at something that was not there. The Finnish man pat each of the two on the head once, twice, before returning to his spot on the couch where Sweden was already sitting.

Eyebrows knit together, and mouth set in a line, Norway stared at Denmark.

"Did anyone else perhaps have some of your...special eggnog?"

"Perhaaaaaaaaaps~" The Dane replied in a sing-song voice. "If you were nicer to me, then maybe-"

His voice was cut off when Norway grabbed his tie again.

"I think everyone had some." Denmark replied quickly, gasping for breath when the Norwegian released him.

"Even [Name]?"

No reply. Those violet eyes hardened, ready to near-kill the Dane, but when soft snoring was heard, it was evident that Mathias had passed out. In the middle of their conversation.

Lukas sighed, rubbing his temples. He hoped that she was alright; he hadn't seen her for some time now. [Name] had been over all day today, the Eve of Christmas, helping Finland prepare for the holidays, and to finish the baking for tomorrow's feast. When she first arrived, she was breathing hard, a bag of presents in one hand, her other hand clenched in a fist near her heart. Norway had been lucky enough to be near the door, and open it for her. He had stared at her disheveled form, unsure of what to say.

"I'm sorry...I'm late...." She huffed, setting her bag down as she placed her hands on her knees.

Silly [Name]. The Norwegian had thought. You're only five minutes late. Too cute.

Still, he said nothing, only moved aside for her to step into their warm home. She breathed a sigh of relief when the warm arm hit her chilled body. The others greeted her as well; Sweden had even walked over, taking the large bag of presents from her and placing it by the tree.

"Thanks, Berwald." She had smiled at him, before sitting on the couch beside Finland.

Norway glared at the Swede for a moment, before turning his head away in shame. Why wouldn't [Name] smile at him like that? He always did his best to keep her company, to talk to her when she wished to talk. He wasn't great with people, nor did he like them very much, but for [Name], he was willing to make an exception.

The way her head tilted to the side when she smiled, the way she covered her mouth with her hand when she laughed, Norway saw it all. The way her [h/c] hair shone, the way her [e/c] eyes looked at him. He loved it all.

Emil bumped into the Norwegian, bringing him back to the present and out of his thoughts.

The Icelandic man said nothing, only looking at Norway with a certain curiosity before choosing a seat near the corner of the room, farthest from the roaring fireplace and festive lights. He looked miserable, even a little angry, as he picked up one of the gingerbread cookies and promptly bit it's head off.

How unlike him, Lukas thought, before he remembered the "special" eggnog and the original interest of his search.


He'd worry about his little brother later.

He began to search the house for [Name], hesitantly calling out her name a few times before deciding against it. He needn't raise his voice; he'd find her eventually. He checked the living room again (where the rest of the drunken Nordics were), the basement (who knows why she'd be there), Finland's shop (perhaps she had last minute presenting to finish?). He even scanned the backyard, but he knew she wouldn't be outside. It was freezing, even for him.

He eventually stopped by his room. Where else could she possible be? There were still a few other places, though unlikely, but he might as well start off the most far-fetched.

There she was, laying upon his bed, looking like an angel. Her [e/c] eyes were shut, her lips were sealed, her breathing even.

Somehow, she had found her way to his room and fallen asleep.

In his room.

In his room.

It was just too perfect. Did Finland know that he wanted [Name] for Christmas, and decide to deliver his gift early? No, that couldn't be it. It was purely coincidental. He must remain cool and collected; now was not the time to lose it. Just because [Name] was sleeping on his bed...

And there went his "cool and collected" attitude.

He crept over to where her sleeping form lay, and gently sat down next to her. Tentatively, as though not to wake her, he began to run his fingers through her [h/c] locks.

How long he'd wanted to do that.

The strands were even softer than he'd imagined.

Not that he often imagined how soft her hair was.

Next he moved his hand down to her cheek, once again in awe on how smooth her skin was. She was absolutely perfect in every aspect.

"Hmm?" [Name] mumbled, opening up her eyes and staring straight at him. Unsure of how to react, he kept his hand on the side of her face, frozen as his violet eyes stared into her [e/c] ones.

"Oh, hello Lukas." If she was at all surprised by the predicament the two were in, she didn't say anything. Rather, she leaned in his touch, eyes closing once more.

Too. Cute.

The Norwegian's face warmed up, a faint pink lighting his cheeks.

Must. Stay. Calm.

"Sorry for passing out on your bed. I drank some of the eggnog-"

I'm going to KILL that idiotic Dane!

" -and my head started to feel funny, so I wanted to lay down, and this was the first room I saw."

"You don't have to apologize." He replied, afraid to move his hand.

This moment might never happen again.

She hummed softly, allowing him to feel the soft vibrations on his fingertips. Those vibrations went straight to his heart, warming him from the inside out.

He would remember this moment forever.

"Lukas?" She whispered, looking at him once more. He returned the gaze, finding a vocal response unnecessary.

"Would you like your Christmas present early?"

Her face had gotten dangerously close to him, her [e/c] eyes glinting. He couldn't move back, no, that would offend her. Besides, he didn't want to act that way. Quite the opposite, actually.

But he couldn't move forward either. Perhaps he was mistaken about the whole situation in front of him, or maybe his boldness would take [Name] by surprise, so much that-

[Name] moved forward, pressing her lips to his own.

Or perhaps Lukas just thought too much.

He eagerly returned the kiss, placing his hands on either side of [Name] gingerly. Once again, he didn't want to seem to bold by holding her close, but he didn't want to disinterest her by sitting there, doing nothing.

She smiled a bit, sensing his hesitation.

They broke apart, both needing air.

Her bright smile was now, finally, directed at him. The Norwegian could barely contain his joy, allowing his own lips to curve upwards in a soft smile.

Deciding to be bold, he pulled [Name] close to him, relaxing his tense body by burying his face in her soft hair. She rested her head against his chest, listening for the steady rhythm of his heart, which was no longer beating wildly as before .

Feeling content with his Christmas present, Lukas sighed, holding her close.

Perhaps that eggnog wasn't such a bad idea.
It's never too late for a good Christmas story~

It's way too late, I should be writing numerous other things but instead it's this because I reread it and thought it was cute.

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconeverybodyswishes:

Picture found here! [link]

You (c) :iconsparklenorwayplz:
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